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Frequently Asked Questions

How are riders supervised?

MTB riding involves constantly moving through winding trails and terrain that limits visibility. Therefore, our coaches will organize riders by speed and ability and also assign ride leaders and sweeps: no rider may pass the ride leader or fall behind the ride sweep. 

Can MTB riders/racers participate in other sports concurrently?

Our team riders can participate in other sports so long as they do not significantly conflict with our team practices and racing schedule. 

How does the team communicate important information in real time?

Schedule changes and meeting locations will be communicated through an app called Team Snap. If a last minute race/ride cancellation occurs, Coaches will notify the riders via Alerts and Chat. Team Snap Alerts get sent out to the rider’s email and a notification will be sent to their phone. 

Who are the coaches and how can I contact them?
The coaches are volunteers dedicated to helping encourage our riders to build confidence and skill on the trails. Please refer to the Coaches page for a list of contacts. 

What kind of training do the coaches have?
Coaches are trained in First Aid, CPR, Concussion training, etc.

Additional questions?
Reach out our coaching staff at the link above. 

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